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Many businesses stall and underperform because their top team is not fully aligned - recognise it and act before it affects you


Everyone knows that developing talent throughout your business is vital for success, however, many organisations still fail to invest in developing the people at the top.

This can cause different parts of the organisation to become out of sync, which can slow growth and may cause a lack of progress.

How does this happen?

At the beginning, everyone is on the same page, working in sync. However, as an organisation grows, each member of that core team progresses at a different rate.

This is perfectly normal and happens all the time. But it does mean that over time, these top people can end up working differently, causing teams beneath them to jar when they have to work with one another.

So, what's the problem?

We see many top teams who don’t acknowledge that if their best talent isn't developed to achieve its potential, it will have a hugely negative effect on the whole organisation.

The Research

Research around effective team behaviour is especially relevant at director level. Effectively there are four pillars of board success with top teams:

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How close to the heart of every board member is this company?

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Do I know and track intimately our business and its key value drivers?

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Structure & Processes

What processes truly matter and make a difference?

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Group Dynamic

Do we really trust each other?

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Our role is to work with top teams to help you answer and address the above questions and many more

This is done via group facilitation and individual 1:1 work. Using these methods we can establish what makes you tick as individuals and understand how to ensure that your top team can function together to achieve the best results.

Our facilitators are experienced, qualified coaches who have spent years working at senior levels in organisations. They all have experience dealing with similar challenges.

Who benefits most from this programme?

Every organisation will benefit hugely from this work, however, we find fast-growing companies find it particularly beneficial. Fast-growth organisations often start as one top team all working from the same hymn sheet, that need help with realignment as they grow and develop.

This is all about your company culture, your values and the way you do things. Once you understand yourselves fully at senior level, the "way we do things 'round here" culture will follow because you'll be modelling it

Although the framework for the programme is in place, we can tailor it to perfectly fit your requirements. This means we can create a solution that is truly bespoke to you.

The cost varies depending on the size of the group, the duration, and how many elements of the programme we run.

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