Building high performance teams

Developing special groups of people to deliver at the highest level with creativity and inspiration


This workshop is about developing teams. It focuses on understanding yourself as a leader before you can understand others and brings together the key elements which enable groups to become high performing teams.


Highly participative with extensive practice. It includes prior completion of a psychometric profile and 1:1 feedback. This programme is facilitated by two experienced, qualified coaches who, as two very different people, cover the whole range of styles and preferences.

Workshop details...


Two to five days depending on requirement, written as a bespoke programme.

Group Size

Maximum of twelve delegates.

Who is this workshop for?

For anyone, at any level, who is anticipating their first management role or aspires to be a better leader.

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At the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand their own preferences and style
  • Appreciate the value of other styles and how to flex their own
  • Enable others to work at their best in their own way
  • Appreciate motivation is personal
  • Coach teams more effectively
  • Generate team behaviours by including everyone
  • Create a success based environment
  • Accept feedback and be prepared to act on it

Delivered by inspiring coaches who are highly skilled, experienced and accredited

We offer a completely bespoke service to each client, and all of our workshops, facilitations, and programmes we provide are tailored to your specific needs. This means we can work closely with you to achieve your exact, desired outcome.

Our workshop services start from £2,000 + VAT per day.

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